Travel in India

India is a country with a diverse culture. Each state has its own attractions and peculiarities. The people of different states differ from each other from region to region and this is very obvious as one visits the different regions.  The southern culture is quite different from that of the north and so also the western from the eastern. Food habits, clothes, languages and even the weather conditions show diversity.  As one goes from one state to another these differences become even more obvious.


But one common fact that ties each of these states together is the richness of its age-old culture. People all over the world are aware of this Indian heritage. There are many who like to have a closer look at this heritage and visit,  and many who would just like to gather more information.


And so, here we are trying to take you on a trip around the Indian sub-continent, visiting the well known sites in the various states of India. We have tried to give out as much information as we can and if there are those who would like additional information, we can do so if they send us their queries.