When you want to make a white gravy – Like for a Kofta curry – using cream will make the dish very rich. You can fry the masalas and add chilled milk instead. Stir continuously so that it does not curdle.


For innovative salads– Use fresh juice with spices as a dressing. Eg: Mix 1 tsp Oil, 1 tsp pepper, Salt and Sugar with 1/2 cup of Orange juice. Pour on vegetables. Cut strips of Cucumber and Tomatoes. Its tangily delicious. Innovate your own dressing.


For Dips- Where cream is used ,change to Curds which is tied in a cloth for an hour. Mix the same ingredients in the thick Curd. Add a tsp of cream if you desire. Your taste buds won’t notice the difference but your waistline will.


Bread crumbs when stored for a while tend to emit a stale odour. Instead of using these and spoiling the dish, crumble fresh bread and churn in the mixer.


To make Bhaturas instantly add ingredients normally like salt, sugar, 1 tbsp Oil or Ghee, 1 tbsp Curds. Instead of kneading the dough with water, knead instead with plain soda water. They come out well puffed and spongy.