194 active Covid cases remain in UP

Lucknow, Sep 21 : Uttar Pradesh now has just 194 active Covid cases left in the state. The count of fresh cases was 11 in the past 24 hours, as per the health department data on Tuesday.

A government spokesperson said cases were reported from only eight UP districts, with Lucknow reporting the highest at four.

The state capital currently also has the highest number of active cases at 27.

There are 31 districts where there was not a single active on Monday.

The recovery rate has also improved to 98.7 per cent.

The spokesperson said, "There were 15 recoveries on Monday, taking down the active cases by four.

More than 1.82 lakh tests were carried out across the state. Meanwhile, fresh cases have declined by more than 38,000 from their peak on April 24. The state has also been able to restrict the daily Covid case count to below 50 for nearly 40 consecutive days."

He said that the daily test positivity rate in the state has dipped to less than 0.01 per cent from a high of over 16.84 per cent in April this year when the second wave had peaked.

"Test positivity rate is the percentage of samples that test positive out of the total numbers of samples evaluated.

UP has been showing a much better recovery in terms of low daily positivity rate. This is a result of the swift measures, microplanning, alertness and an aggressive approach to contain the virus by the state government," he added.



Source: IANS