26 Gujarati youth to celebrate Diwali with soldiers on Kutch border

Vadodara(Gujarat)[India], Oct.29 : After Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched an app through which people can send messages to boost the morale of Indian soldiers, 26 youth from various parts of Gujarat have decided to celebrate Diwali with the soldiers on the Kutch border.

The youths are from different parts of Gujarat, they will leave from Vadodara to tell the soldiers that the nation is with them.

Rangam Trivedi, one of the organisers, told ANI: "We thought that if the soldiers are doing so much for us, then we should also do something for them.

In India, festivals are the best time to send messages to our soldiers. So, we posted on Facebook that we want to celebrate Diwali with the soldiers. A lot of young people are joining us from Ahmedabad, Surat, Vapi, Porbandar and Bhuj etc., and now, 26 of us will go the Vighakot border to celebrate Diwali with the soldiers," "For years, we have been celebrating Diwali with our families at home.

This year's Diwali is for the soldiers. The soldiers are on the border and we want to celebrate Diwali with them for peace. We want to tell the soldiers that the whole nation supports them," Nihal Trivedi, a student, told ANI.

These students assembled at a friend's house in Vadodara and have bought sweets and crackers for the soldiers.

Greeting cards have also been made for them..

Source: ANI