30 leaders to re-define happiness in the workplace: Happiness Conclave 2.0

New Delhi [India], Mar. 21 (ANI-Newsvoir): The Happiness Conclave (THC) scheduled for March 24 at the Taj President in Mumbai, is all about some serious discussion on happiness and how organisations can benefit from it.

It is a full-day event, action packed with 30 leaders coming together to discuss happiness in the workplace and its impact on business outcomes.

The conclave, which is in its second year, is co-created by industry leaders with the objective of bringing together some great minds that can connect happiness to business goals.

In fact, the list of speakers includes 30 CXOs (CEOS, CMOs and CHROs) from over 25 top-notch companies in India.

"Happiness is feeling fulfilled - having creativity, space, opportunity of impact creation, respect, trust, appreciation, growth and reward.

Creating such an eco- system is designing happiness at work place," said Prabir Jha, Global Chief People Officer, Cipla.

Happiness has a different connotation for different sets of people, sectors and industries. However, every business or organisation needs to make conscious efforts to drive happiness in the workplace - especially in times of intelligent machines changing the work environment.

"Strange, but in turbulent times, the key to thriving is for an enterprise to become 'net happiness +'.

A 'happy enterprise' is based on an open business design where its 'value creation' journey is anchored in the values it enshrines and is in 'Samanvay' with the values sought after by its people and other stakeholders," said Adil Malia, CEO, The Firm.

"It's not about jobs, roles, careers, but a culture of happiness, which will pave the way for a new-age workplace.

Happiness is the realisation in full, of self and team. It fosters a sense of pride and a larger purposeful association," added Rajesh Padmanabhan, Director, Member - Group Council and Group CHRO at Welspun Group.

The Conclave will see participation from across sectors and industries, be it IT, Pharma, Telecom, BFSI, FMCG or even heavy industries and business conglomerates.

THC 2.0 has gone beyond the corporate world. An interesting session that participants can look forward to this year is one by Mette Ekeroth, the Deputy Chief of Mission in India from the happiest country in the world, where she will disclose the secret recipe behind happiness in Denmark's culture and at the workplace.

"In the last one year, since our first edition of The Happiness Conclave, we have witnessed a wave of change at the workplace.

It is expected that in the near future it will get transformed with human and machines as co-workers. What we are trying to find out is whether the happiness quotient will remain the same at workplace 3.0," said Prajjal Saha, Founder and Editor, HR Katha.(ANI-NewsVoir).

Source: ANI