62-year-old doctor’s death takes Indore Covid-19 toll to 22

Indore, April 9 : Indore recorded on Thursday morning the first death of a doctor in Madhya Pradesh due to coronavirus.

His death takes the Covid-19 toll in Indore to 22 and in the state to 30.

Shatrughan Panjwani, 62, a known physician in the area, had tested coronavirus positive on Wednesday.

"The general physician breathed his last at a private hospital," Indore Chief Medical and Health Officer (CMHO) Praveen Jadia said.

"He must have come in contact with a virus-affected patient during treatment.

We are ascertaining how he contracted the virus," Jadia said.

Panjwani's name appeared in the list of 40 new Covid-19 patients registered at Government MGM College on Wednesday night.

A video has also gone viral showing the doctor sitting with his family and claiming he is totally healthy.

The authorities are alarmed at this.

So far, 213 people have tested Covid-19 positive in Indore.

There are 404 Covid-19 cases in the state.

The doctor was apparently known to Chief Minister Shivraj Sinch Chouhan.

Chouhan took to Twitter to condole the doctor's demise. "He sacrificed his life fighting the war against Covid-19 and protecting the priceless lives of others.

A great man like you will never be forgotten," Chouhan tweeted.



Source: IANS