72 hours on, wreckage of missing Sukhoi-30 found

Tezpur [India], May. 26 : After four days of massive search operations, the wreckage of the missing Indian Air Force's (IAF) Sukhoi-30 fighter aircraft has been spotted.

"Wreckage found. Close to the last known position of aircraft. As of now weather is bad and the place has dense foliage. Further update follows," said the IAF in an official statement. Two pilots were onboard the aircraft and their location is yet to be ascertained. However, it is being presumed that they did not survive the crash. The jet lost contact on May 23rd following which massive search operations were launched to track the jet.

However, bad weather did serve as an impediment in the rescue mission. Four ground teams of IAF personnel, nine of the Indian Army and two of state administration, were deployed on different axis to scour the area.

The aircraft airborne from Tezpur Air Base lost radar and radio contact approximately 60 km North of Tezpur.

More details to follow..

Source: ANI