85% Indian moms want school fees reduced: Survey

New Delhi, June 27 : Eighty five per cent of mothers who participated in a survey demanded a reduction in this year's budget while 81 per cent demanded more schools for children with learning abilities.

The study surveyed 1,317 mothers across India with a combination of working mothers (36.9 per cent) and homemakers (66.1 per cent).

Eighty four per cent demanded more breastfeeding rooms in public places, while a similar number sought more day-cares in big offices in the cities.

Eighty two per cent wanted clean and hygienic toilets and 79 per cent wanted more sports facilities for children, the survey by Momspresso, a multilingual content platform that caters to the multifaceted mothers of today, found.

Eighty two per cent of mothers wanted more job options for those who plan to go back to work after maternity break, and a similar number wanted more hospitals for children while 79 per cent wanted cheaper vaccines for children.

Eighty four per cent of those surveyed wanted a reduction in the prices of day-to-day household goods and services.

On a regional basis, the priorities of mothers in the north and west were more day-cares in offices, while those in the south demanded a reduction in school fees and those in the east wanted hospitals for their children and clean and hygienic toilets.

"At Momspresso, we strongly felt that the real issues that impact the lives of mothers have been underrepresented across conversations around us.

As the largest community of mothers, we decided to take the onus of creating a survey that presents the voice of mothers, a view that is crucial to the overall progress of the country.

"Through this survey, we are bringing forth these voices that often remain unheard, and present their point of views through our platform.

We believe that these concerns and aspirations of mothers will now reach the right audience," Momspresso Co-founder (and) CEO Vishal Gupta said.



Source: IANS