A Book Searching True Love – Your’s Only, by Ritesh Sinha

New Delhi [India], Sep 16 (ANI-BusinessWireIndia): In today's metro-life, the words 'true love' and 'couples ready to die for each other' have become a mythos and are found in the rarest of rare cases.

These words have been taken over by Popcorn-love. The book 'Your's Only' by Ritesh Sinha, released by India's Number one Self Publishing House, Educreation Publishing, is in search of those readers who still believes in true love.

Ritesh Sinha is born and brought up in a middle-class family of Patna. His father was a banker in SBI, and his mother is a homemaker. He successfully completed his schooling from St. Joseph's Academy and graduation from Magadh University. After that, he moved to Pune for to pursue his diploma in Marketing. He leads his life like a common man who is brought up and grown in a modest family. He is an ordinary man with extraordinary thoughts. He has a deep spark in his mind which has now transformed into an amazing book title 'Your's Only', published by the best self publishing company in India, Educreation Publishing.

"If you are honest and trust your partner and love him/her for what he/she is, your love story is bound to be successful.

If at least one couple gets benefited with my idea, I will consider myself successful. The message I have tried to emit is simple.If you love someone, love him/ her from the core of your heart and with full honesty, just like my characters Ajay and Saloni did.Not like today's Popcorn Culture Love.It should be without any terms and conditions," said Ritesh.

Like many who started their journeys as an author, Ritesh too found few obstacles, but he uprooted those with the efficient support of Educreation Publishing.

He was able to get the advantage of different aspects of self published books in India. He gave wings to his words by the help of self publishing website. Speaking all about his journey of being an author, he said, "I started writing the book approximately in the latter half of July 2015.

As I am working in a company, so I used to write during late nights or on holidays. So, it took me nearly 1 year to complete it and get ready for publication." "While I was searching a publisher for publishing my book, I came across Educreation Publishing (self publishing company in India), and I contacted them.

As I was new, they supported me at each and every step till my manuscript got metamorphosed into a book.

After-sales support is also very good," he added. On the question of his inspirations behind the existing book and his future directives, Ritesh said, "Right now, I am concentrating fully on the marketing of my book 'Your's Only', but yes, I have an interesting story to tell, so I will start writing after some days.

The publishing of my first book on all leading websites is a huge success for me. After some days, some of my friends who had ordered the book gave a positive feedback. My father read the book and called me to say that he liked the book.these are the joyful and precious moments for me.

My better half Nidhi has been instrumental in the completion of my book. She gave me all the time and confidence I needed to complete my book." No doubt, the emerging authors are selecting Self Publishing in India as the way to give wings to their dreams, and with the continuous and honest feedbacks of authors, the claims of Educreation Publishing of being Number 1 Self Publishing House of India is retained.

Self Publishing books in India by emerging authors are expected to grow to much higher scale in real future, because all of us had a story, feelings, emotions, thoughts and experiences, which we want to share with in words.


Source: ANI