A music band from Northeast region making waves!

By Vangamla Salle K S New Delhi [India], Mar. 16 : Over the years, more and more youngsters from the northeast region have taken up careers in art and music and brought laurels to the nation.

Here's an exclusive interaction with one of the emerging bands from the region, which is creating new music and seeking inspiration from world-wide.

The title song from the band's first album 'Far Away,' has been played on various top Indian music channels like VH1, MTV and 9XO among the top ten songs.

Meet John Mpamei and the band! - Lately, lots of music bands have evolved, especially from the North East region.

Some bands have already got limelight and some have not. So, how has been your journey as a band so far? John Mpamei, Vocalist, John Mpamei and the band: We started our band in 2013.

Then we registered our band for Hard Rock Rising competition in 2013. And out of around 70 and 80 bands, nine bands were selected and luckily we were one of the bands selected for the competition.

Since then, I started looking for drummer, guitarist and everything and we were very lucky that we started our first gig with the Hard Rock cafe.

S that's how we started our band. From there on, we took to some pubs as an in-house band. - What has been the biggest challenge as a band and as an artist? John Mpamei: The biggest challenge for all of us is that nobody had done great yet and we are working so hard and we need support.

And we believe if we work hard, we will try to achieve something, so that people can also say ok music can also do something.

That's the hope we have and that's what we are working on. - How do you rate your energy level while performing? Jonah Mpamei, Guitarist, John Mpamei (and) the band: When we see the crowd, it's like the energy level goes up and we feel like giving the best we have.

So that's what we feel to entertain the crowd and to be really connected with the crowd. - How do you see your band in months down the line? John Mpamei: As a band, we are trying to work on new song.

We will be trying to release a new album as a band. We will have to sit together once I get break from my school. This year, we will be putting all the best songs, we might write around more than 15-20 songs probably as we are all individuals now but we will get the best songs and put as an album hopefully.

And we are releasing our second album in Rongmei lyrics "Khrista Khang Khuan," meaning "My voice for the Lord" on the fourth birth anniversary of our band on March 21.

- John, how do you get into the world of music? John Mpamei: I studied music from the young age as my parents especially my dad inspire me.

He does sing and play keyboard, so he bought us the keyboard and then before that, he buys us the guitar and violin.

And that's how I was influenced into music. I take up music when I come to Delhi and since then I take up music seriously and I decided like I should be more serious into music, so I got trained from Trinity College School.

Then I was the music examiner for Cambridge University, UK for class 10th and 12th. And by then, I started teaching and it's been 11 years in teaching now. So now I want to focus on my band and give more into my band. - What is music to you? John Mpamei: Music gives me peace. When I feel so sad, then I play on music and write down my lyrics, go back to my past life and try to understand why it is happening.

And I believe that everything that happens is for all good and that's how I write down in the lyrics. I wrote all about my experience, feelings. And I feel good and I thought music is something that really gives me peace no matter how hard and tough our life, when I get to play the music, everything feels good.

- Almost all the NE youth knows how to play a guitar. And Songja, what makes you to take up a drummer rather than a guitarist? Songja, Drummer, John Mpamei (and) the band: Actually I started off playing guitar when I was young because my dad used to play guitar.

And then I thought like there's very less people who are interested in play drum, so I thought like since there are lots of people who play guitar in our society, I thought why not pick up other instrument and try.

And I thought like drum is pretty much where I found comfortable playing. Then I started off playing drums since school. - Every great personality in the world has got their own role model in their life and as a musician, who inspires you the most? Jonah Mpamei: I am actually influence with by all the performers.

If I see someone performing or doing great stuff, I am inspired with that and it helps me to pursue my dreams and get better with it.

So I am influence by all the great artists, not in particular. - A small piece of advice to the youngsters who like to pursue their career in the music industry. Jonah Mpamei: They should really go ahead with it since there are many chances and opening happening already.

Because I have seen that, if we are very willing and want to pursue with, I think you can achieve whatever you want to do.

But you need to be really constant with your effort also. There will be times when you will like to give up also, but you will have to keep doing it. That's how it will help you to grow..

Source: ANI