AAI adopt measures to make all airports eco-friendly

New Delhi, Aug.31 : The Airports Authority of India, which manages 125 airports, including 18 international airports, is working towards making all its facilities eco-friendly.

Chandigarh Airport, which was inaugurated in September 2015, is the first to be built using environment friendly technology.

The airport has only natural lighting during the day, whereas 40 per cent lights at the facility are LED.

Use of air-conditioning has also been made eco-friendly in this airport. The transparent glass root in the airport is a low-heat gain glass which cuts down the use of Air Conditioning to half.

The airport also has 200KW solar panel and a water harvesting plant. The Chairman of Airports Authority of India Dr Guruprasad Mohapatra said they are socially committed towards making all its facilities as eco-friendly.

Dr.Guruprasad Mohapatra, Chairman, Airports Authority of India, "AAI is socially very much committed towards environment, so most of the new buildings we plan are designed and constructed so as they become green buildings.

We are also taking solar energy in a big way and trying to build as much of solar facility and raw power from solar source in most of our establishments, so there are series of activities we are doing towards that." Airports at Kolkata, Cochin, Vadodara and Calicut have also been made eco-friendly which will help contribute to reduce Carbon di-Oxide (CO2) emissions.

The aviation activities globally are responsible for CO2 emissions and efforts are being made to promote green and clean energy.

The Airports Authority of India has taken strong steps towards better waste management, water management and greener building efforts along with water harvesting units.

Considering that air travel - despite all green initiatives - still remains a major pollutant of the earth's resources, every effort matters.

The efforts by Airports Authority of India are well appreciated for promoting green energy..

Source: ANI