AAI defends safety record of traffic control as among best globally

New Delhi [India], Dec.30 : The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has defended the safety record of air traffic control (ATC) at all airports in the country as being very good and comparable to the best in the world.

In a statement issued here on Friday, the AAI said, "At times, it may not be possible to eliminate human error, whether it is aviation or other industries, but continuous efforts are being made by the Airports Authority of India to offset such human errors through Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), recurrent training to the controllers and introducing technology.

It may be noted that the safety record of ATC provided by Airports Authority of India at Indian airports has been very good and comparable to best in the world." The AAI said that various reports appearing in the media were giving exaggerated versions about airline passengers having experienced close shaves, indicating a distorted interpretation that may create fear in the minds of air passengers.

In order to avoid such fear, incident may be clarified to the public as under: "Indigo Airlines flight No 6E-769 from Lucknow to Delhi, after landing on runway-28 was taxing via Taxiway 'E2' for parking stand 12 as advised by ATC.

Departing flight of Spice Jet Airlines No SG123 was not able to take-off from runway 28 due to poor visibility i.e.

weather being below minimal, and therefore, was waiting to return to Apron for parking. Accordingly the controller instructed SG123 to taxi via taxiway C" and hold short of the taxiway 'E2' so that Indigo flight 6E-769 and Spice Jet flight SG123 would not conflict with each other.

The traffic density being high and complex, the Controller inadvertently gave instructions to SG123 to continue taxi via E to stand 130, mixing its location with the location of SG263 which was holding on another taxiway 'E' for departure.

However, SG123 also did not question the incomplete ATC instruction for taxing. These human errors resulted into traffic conflict situation. However, both aircraft stopped at safe distance and there was no risk to aircraft or passengers.".

Source: ANI