Aamir calls for strengthening of laws post Bengaluru molestation incident

Mumbai/NewDelhi [India], Jan. 3 : In the wake of the Bengaluru mass molestation incident, Bollywood actor Aamir Khan on Tuesday called on the law and order mechanism to act swiftly so that fear is created in the minds of the people and they think twice before committing such crimes.

"The incident that took place in Bengaluru was very disappointing. We feel ashamed that such incidents take place in our country. I think it's the responsibility of everyone along with the administration to see that law and order prevails," said Aamir here in Mumbai.

"The law and order mechanism and the judiciary and police should bring the culprit to task at the earliest as it happens in other countries.

For example, when such an incident takes place in America, the guilty are not only arrested but they are given punishments as well within two or three months.

I think when such a change will take place, things will automatically change," he added. The 51-year-old actor, who has been very vocal regarding social issues and women safety, asserted that in the present times, people who indulge in eve teasing and such crime, believe that nothing is going to happen because of weak laws regarding the same.

"I think when such examples come to fore that a guilty of such case is given punishments within two-three months, only then the situation will change and people will fear before committing such crimes," he said.

Meanwhile, as the nation expresses outrage over the mass molestation incident that took place in India's IT capital Bengaluru on New Year's eve, some of the politicians triggered controversy with their comments.

"Such incidents do happen on New Year day and on Christmas. We take a lot of precautions," said Karnataka's Home Minister G. Parameshwara. Samajwadi Party leader Abu Azmi went one step further and said, "In this modern era, more a girl exposes the more, she will be called fashionable.

I believe if my daughter or sister is celebrating 31st night after sunset and she doesn't have her father or husband with her and is with other men then she can't be treated with respect." Azmi further said that the women need to be cautious and should take care of their own security.

"The women from rich family also used to cover themselves before appearing before men, that is our nation's culture.

In western culture, the parents don't care about their girl but we do care. We should take precaution about our girls' security so that she doesn't get involved in some wrongdoings.

We shouldn't give chance to anyone," Azmi added. Reacting to Azmi's comments, actor Varun Dhawan tweeted, "Argggh how this angers me. Sir punish the criminals not the victims. Women can wear what they want it's their choice." "Women should not dress like westerners b'coz men dressed like westerners are molesters, says the man in the shirt.

#oxy(deprived)morons," tweeted actor-producer Farhan Akhtar. Bengaluru was shamed when hooligans virtually took over the most prominent streets in the city where restaurants and hotels had stayed open till past midnight on December 31 and started molesting and groping women.

The distraught women were virtually held captive as the mobs went berserk. It was reported that no one came to their rescue despite the fact that the state government had deployed almost 1,500 policemen in the area apprehending incidents of violence.

However, with cops standing as mute spectators to the sexual abuse, the crowd behaved in an even more boorish manner.

Even as women rushed towards cops and tried to seek safety, the hooligans still chased them down and tried to drag them away.

Source: ANI