AAP blames Modi government for ‘economic mess’

New Delhi, Sep 3 : The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Monday blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the deteriorating economic condition, saying "the economy was never in such a mess".

"The BJP's central leadership, in the last few months, either does not know what to do or is simply not bothered about the hardships it is heaping on the Aam Aadmi," Delhi's ruling party said in a statement.

"The economy was never in such a mess."

The AAP said that petrol and diesel prices were touching an all-time high while the rupee was falling to a historic low.

The "grossly incompetent BJP government, led by Modi, has failed to address the concerns of rising fuel prices and depreciation of the rupee", he said.

"The Central government has shown remarkable carelessness when it comes to the economy.

The country's Finance Ministry is caught in a power struggle between two high ranking Ministers...

"In this situation, the blame for the country's poor macroeconomic indicators lies squarely with the Prime Minister."

The party urged the Central government to address these issues at the earliest.

"The people of this country are waiting for an opportunity to defeat those who keep the Aam Aadmi at the bottom of their priorities.

The BJP will face certain defeat in the 2019 polls if this situation continues to worsens," it added.



Source: IANS