This site has been specially designed for indophiles and Indians alike. 

Here, we have made up our mind to give a decidedly Indian flavour to our site. One of most important things we would like to do is to disseminate India-related information, for instance, on yoga, siddha medicine, Vaastu Sastra, astrological predictions and the like to those who are interested in these aspects of Indian heritage.

But it is just not this that we are upto.

We have the usual news update, political/business and the like. And, it just does not stop there.
We give news – interesting bits of info that you may have just missed out somewhere along the line.

We also have pages on the Indian style of cooking, from the olden days (kadai  type) recipes to the modern day microwave cookery hints.
There is so much more that is so different from other sites – all you gotta do is just click around and a whole new world opens up in front of you.

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