Add combat boots, suede wedge booties to your footwear collection

New Delhi, Dec 22 : Upgrade your shoe collection with different kinds of boots as they not only save your feet from the cold but also elevate your outfits.

Invest in a pair of combat boots and suede wedge booties, suggest experts.

Experts at Crocs, Vijay Pal Singh Johal, Director at Truffle collection and Kim Virk, Business Head at Carlton London, have given a few inputs:

* Available in leather, suede, flat sole and block heels, thigh/knee high boots are a staple for cold weather shoes.

They can be styled with skinny jeans, midi skirts that fall below the top of the boots. They are really versatile and one should definitely invest in them if one hasn't already.

* Combat boots are tough looking lace ups that are slightly longer than ankle length.

These iconic pair of boots definitely deserve a place in your wardrobe and can be roughed up a little.

They work well with jeans, skirts and leggings; one can create a stylish look when layered with different clothing articles.

* Suede wedge booties look undeniably chic with wintry ensembles.

These are an elegant mash-up of vintage appeal and sturdy ankle sock boots design.

* High block heels can be paired with anything.

Boots with more than three inch stacked heel will have a dressier look to it. The higher heels are usually dressier and should be coordinated with dresses. The high block heels look good with jeans and skirts as well.

* Stilettoes heel are the best booties if you want to dress up.

They have an upscale vibe to it, they look best with a dressier outfit worn at night or for a polished daytime look.

In addition to the shape of the heel, the length of the heel plays a major role in how dressier the heel looks.



Source: IANS