Afghan Prez Ghani renames blast site Martyrs Square

Kabul, July 24 : Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday announced that the Dehmazang Circle, where the tragic twin blast took place during Saturday's peace protest, would be renamed as Martyrs Square. Ghani ordered the Kabul Municipality to take immediate action in terms of renaming the square, reports the Tolo News. In a statement today, Ghani said, "In tribute to the martyrs killed in the Daesh attack the Demazang Circle will be renamed Martyrs Square so that our future generation should know that the citizens of the country achieved democracy at a high price." In a stern note to the militant groups responsible for suicide bombings across the country and Saturday's twin suicide bombings, Ghani yesterday said that he would avenge on those responsible for killing its citizens. Afghanistan is today observing a day of national mourning following the suicide bombing attack. "I will get revenge on those who shed the blood of our citizens ..Our enemies, by attacking civil liberties, think that they can divide us. But they will fail," he said. Ghani said that he has directed a special commission and the attorney general to investigate the incident and find those responsible. The Ministry of Interior last night confirmed the death toll had risen to 80 and that over 230 people were wounded. While the Taliban group spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said the group has no link with the explosions in Kabul city, the Daesh claimed responsibility for the attack later. The incident took place yesterday afternoon as thousands of demonstrators gathered at the Dehmazang Circle in the capital to protest against the government's planned routing of the 500kV power line project.