Agartala: Tech student’s body unearthed 48 hours after burial

Agartala (Tripura), Apr 14 : The Police on Thursday unearthed a body of a tech student 48 hours after completion of the burial ritual after hundreds of diploma students of entire Tripura gathered in Agartala and blocked roads, demanding proper investigation of unnatural death of one of the classmate.

Agitating students doubted whether there is any facility in the state for proper investigation of the mutilated body and if at all Anwara Choudhury, the first year student of the Women Polytechnic College whose body was found, shall get justice.

The deceased student reportedly died an unnatural death four days back (on last Sunday) in a government hospital here but surprising the hospital authority marked it as natural and released the body for burial and without any autopsy.

Reportedly, Anwara was rushed to the hospital as she complained of stomach ache after consuming noodles but later she died.

An orphan, after her mother died in her childhood and father missing, Anwara was sheltered in the house of her maternal uncle and agitating students doubted that she might have be poisoned for her property.

The students blocked roads from all direction in front of the Agartala City Centre in the evening and launched a candle protest demanding justice for deceased Anwara.

Sutupa Dey, a protester said, "We want justice for one of the student who had an unnatural death." Agitating students doubted something fishy and wanted to know why in spite of unnatural death, the dealing doctors released the body of Anwara without proper autopsy.

However, after passing of two days since the burial took place, the police under pressure had unearthed the body yesterday and sent it for autopsy but agitating students doubt if at all the state forensic laboratory has facility for autopsy.

Meanwhile, another agitating student Ankit Roy said, "We doubt that she might have been murdered because some of us personally knew her.

He mother died when she was a child and father was missing so she use to stay with her maternal uncle and often she was in depression but we did not know the actual reason.

We believe that her death was unnatural and a murder though we do not have any prove." "We are protesting because in spite her unnatural death there was no postmortem and without that (autopsy) her body was buried during the night hours.

Since we are technology students we know that after passing of 48 hours there is no facility for postmortem in Tripura but today after passing of four days the body has been taken out and sent to the GB (hospital) for postmortem.

We want the actual report of postmortem," he added. West Tripura district District Magistrate Dr Milind Ramtek, along with senior police officials, had a long negotiation with the agitating students and on his commitment, the road was opened after passing of more than two hours.

The District Magistrate said that doctor had certified the death as nature but police had taken a suo moto case as per the order of the court.

He also assured that there are adequate forensic labs in the state for autopsy..

Source: ANI