AI shaping the future of content and commerce

New Delhi [India], Dec 22 (ANI-NewsVoir): No longer a science fiction concept Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now a reality and a tool that is transforming the aspect of our lives from personal to professional.

With the emergence of self-driving cars and bots that text like humans, each step forward is bringing us closer to a more automatized future.

Being a marketing expert, it is hard to ignore the huge implications of a booming intelligent technology.

Today, AI has dipped its toes into the world of business, shaping the future of content and commerce. According to research by Gartner, by 2018, 20 percent of business content will be created and generated by machines, and approximately 6 billion connected devices will require the ability to share data and connect with other devices.

In the field of Sales CRM or customer relationship management, experts are moving away from traditional CRM to AI driven systems.

With AI transforming the age of content and commerce, it is imperative for sales CRM software experts to explore its potential and leverage it to enhance and streamline their sales and marketing operations.

Here are a few pointers, on how AI is changing the face of CRM Better Understanding of Customers The purpose of AI is to learn how a human employee would react, behave, think and take a decision.

Organizations are loaded with information and CRM professionals have a lot of data regarding their customers.

AI solutions provide with a better and more efficient way of dealing with this copious amount of information.AI can efficiently and objectively analyze and observe customer patterns, which would ultimately improve CRM.

Every single day, information can be automatically collected and millions of transactions can be analyzed.

This will provide useful customer insights and actively improve marketing strategies, enhancing the visibility and value of the brand.

The Perfect Assistant Automation is a potentially powerful tool, and AI is known to dramatically improve efficiency of Sales Automation CRM.

By managing and sending messages directly- without the need for inputs- it creates more successful marketing strategies.

Each client has their own preference, history and spending habits. Conventionally, an efficient marketing strategy would use that information and create different methods for different categories, depending on the customer base.

However, this process is tedious and requires an investment of a lot of resources. AI-driven CRM systems can efficiently do the segmentation for them by analysing the data more quickly and more effectively.

This would make the job of a sales manager or executive much easier. Everyone sees it as the future With each year, AI technologies are becoming more important to the world of business applications.

Moreover, with more integration, data sets and machine learning capabilities, the technology should continuously get more advanced.

At Salezshark, one of the best CRM software for small business, we have incorporated AI into the core of our platform, empowering our esteemed clients to discover insights, automate tasks, recommend next steps and predict outcomes quickly and efficiently.

Being an expert on CRM, I can vouch for the fact that AI is revolutionizing customer relationship, making customer relationship management and sales management software ssmarter than it's ever been.


Source: ANI