Ajit Pawar’s resignation sparks memes, captions on Twitter

New Delhi, Nov 26 : Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar on Tuesday resigned from the post ahead of the floor test in the Assembly, setting Twitter abuzz with humorous memes, clippings and comments.

Hashtag AjitPawarResigns was trending with 1,830 tweets, with users quoting various media reports on the issue.

One post had a clipping of men dancing merrily along with the caption: "Sanjay Raut's reaction after Ajit Pawar tesigns." In one clipping, a man was seen cartwheeling while dancing.

One user posted a meme of a crying Bollywood actress with a caption: "We still needed more humiliation".

One meme was of a Hollywood actor.

He wrote: "Ajit Pawar resigns as Deputy CM and re-signs with NCP and his uncle Sharad pawar. Will NCP now say 'Come join us'."

One netizen posted a clipping from a Hollywood movie with the caption: "Let the campaign begin." He wrote: "Ajit Pawar resigns as the Deputy Chief Minister the day after a case he was accused in was closed.

Things just get spiced up".

Another wrote: "Yesterday: Ajit Pawar gets clean cheat (sic) in the irrigation scam.

Today: Ajit Pawar resigns as Deputy CM."

A post had a morose-looking man standing akimbo along with the caption 'public' and a timeline of the developments that took place in Maharashtra for goverment formation since November 23.

One post was critical of the BJP moves on new government in the state, with one commenting: "Tables have turned ..Ajit Pawar resigns as Deputy CM, CM Fadnavis to brief media at 3:30pm."

A post read: "They are making a fool of the public".



Source: IANS