AKAI introduces new range of energy efficient air conditioners

New Delhi [India], Apr 25 (ANI-Newsvoir): AKAI India on Tuesday launched a new series of high performance, energy efficient air conditioners this summer.

The new range of air conditioners is developed with AKAI's cutting edge Japanese technology catering to the fast-evolving consumer demands.

The product line- up comprises a comprehensive range that includes window, split and inverter ACs. AKAI ACs are tailored with latest technology and design to meet consumer requirements and unpredictable weather conditions.

The range starts at Rs. 22,990 and goes up to Rs. 49,990. The product is available across the northern and western markets of the country. "India is a key market for AKAI owing to the increase in purchasing power and desire for luxury products.

AKAI with its extensive product portfolio is duly working to make inroads into the Indian market with a dedicated focus on after-sales service and customer satisfaction.

Our core focus lies in product innovation and the new range of air conditioners are developed as per latest technology to offer superior customer experience," said Anurag Sharma, Director, AKAI India.

The new range of air conditioners are integrated with the next generation tropicalised compressor which works even at extreme weather conditions and other technological innovations which increases performance and efficiency.

AKAI ACs have 3 - in -1 filter [Catechin+Vitamin C+VOC] technology. This is a feature that distinguishes AKAI ACs from the rest. The 3-in-1 filter works in a step-by-step process. First, the Catechin filter removes the harmful bacteria present in the air. Second, the Vitamin C filter delivers clean and fresh air and third, the VOC filter works as an antioxidant that removes unhealthy active oxygen radical that cause serious health hazards.

The range is equipped to conserve energy resulting in saving electricity costs. The new line up comes with advanced features to fight the heat waves of Indian summers with instant cooling and energy efficiency.

The turbo cooling technology ensures adjusting humidity levels and maintains the right temperature The launch includes 10 models with a capacity ranging from .75 to two tonnes.

The Air conditioners are built to keep you at complete comfort with its competitive features. It automatically sets the temperature and mode as per the external weather conditions. The advanced technological features enable high energy saving. AKAI has developed its portfolio with state-of-the art technology and loaded it with smart features to offer residential friendly services.


Source: ANI