All-party delegation humiliated by Hurriyat: Sushil Pandit

Jammu [India], Sep. 7 : Kashmiri activist Sushil Pandit has asserted that Hurriyat's move to not hold peace talks with the all-party delegation was a humiliation for the Centre, adding that those who provide 'patronisation' to separatist leaders should be held for treason against India.

He said that the delegation has achieved nothing from this visit and there is nothing to review further.

"I sometimes wonder what this delegation will review. All they did was to land on the doors of the Separatists, keep knocking them for hours and come back empty handed and humiliated," Pandit told ANI.

Commenting on reports that the Centre is considering curtailing facilities like foreign trips, security and medical treatment among other things for separatists in Kashmir, in a move to harden the government's stance against militants, Pandit said that those who have provided the separatists with funds should be tried for treason against India.

"Those who have allowed such incessant flow of resources and funds to the separatists, those who have offered them state patriotism and security, they should be tried for treason against India," he said.

He further said that there is no logic that could explain that why in the first place the separatists are allowed to thrive in the country by being provided with funds and facilities.

"No logic, reason or prevarication can support this condition that you allow separatists to thrive here and to carry on their agenda of breaking India," said Pandit.

Hurriyat leaders S.A.S. Geelani and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq had refused to meet a group of the all-party delegation that went to Srinagar to hold meetings with all the stakeholders in the state.

However, Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front chief Yasin Malik met with the delegation. An all-party meeting will be held today to further discuss the course of action on the Kashmir issue.

Source: ANI