Alok Sharma leads UK delegation at Global Investors Summit in India

New Delhi [India], Oct.20 : A major UK business delegation to the Global Investors Summit in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh will be led by Alok Sharma, FCO Minister for Asia and the Pacific.

He will join representatives of 28 UK businesses at the event in Indore on Saturday (22 October 2016), which is a global platform for interaction with Indian industry leaders, policy makers, investors and businesses.

The visit follows shortly after the announcement that Prime Minister Theresa May will lead a trade mission to India next month during her first major bilateral visit since taking office.

Speaking ahead of the Global Investors Summit, Alok Sharma said: "Madhya Pradesh is one of the fastest growing states in India and a great example of how the UK and India are working together for both of our benefit.

"The UK has been a long-term supporter of the state, through aid and other partnerships, and it now has a vibrant economy.

The Global Investors Summit will allow us to build and strengthen business links in thriving areas like tourism, rural development and a dynamic manufacturing and industrial sector." Mr Sharma will make the opening speech at the summit and will also meet with the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

The UK is a country partner for the summit, which takes place every two years to showcase the industrial strengths of the state.

The UK's Department for International Development (DfID) began making major investments in Madhya Pradesh in 1999 which have improved governance, health and nutrition, rural livelihoods, urban reforms, financial services and civil society support.

The UK now has a partnership with the state providing technical assistance on issues including on Smart Cities and urban development.

Indore is being developed as a role model Smart City, using the latest technology to maximise liveability for residents and effectiveness for businesses.

The evolving relationship between the UK and the state reflects long-term reforms in India and the important role of both our countries on the world stage.

Prime Minister Theresa May will lead a trade mission of small and medium sized business from all regions of the UK when she visits India next month.

During her visit she will join Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to inaugurate the first India-UK TECH Summit, a showcase for partnership in technological industries.

Source: ANI