Altaf Hussain will be responsible if I am killed: ex-MQM leader

Karachi [Pakistan], Aug. 26 : Television figure and ex-MQM leader Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain has claimed he is getting death threats, adding MQM founder Altaf Hussain, presently living in self-exile in London, would be responsible if any harm comes to him.

"I am being told I am a bigger traitor than even Mustafa Kamal, and that I will be killed in a more painful manner than Kamal," Geo TV quoted him as saying.

Stating that he was getting death threats from unknown numbers, he said, "I just want to clarify that if I am killed, don't let them label me as a worker of the MQM.

If I am killed, bury me wrapped in the Pakistan flag because I am not affiliated with them." He said that he could recognise the voices on the phone and knew clearly what they meant.

He, however, denied that it was Altaf Hussain's voice but said the voices were quite familiar. "But these are very familiar voices," he said, adding that they were linked to the party's 'militant wing'.

His statements come at a time when the MQM chief is under flak for inciting violence in Karachi through his anti-Pakistan remarks made during his speeches.

The MQM workers and supporters had earlier on Monday stormed the offices of television channels in Karachi post which the government launched a swift crackdown on MQM sealing its offices and detaining several of its workers and leaders, including Aamir Liaquat Hussain.

Earlier on Tuesday, Aamir announced to quit MQM and said that the party leadership in London and Karachi were not on the same page.

He resigned after being released from the Rangers custody. He also extended an apology over anti-Pakistan slogans and attack on media houses..

Source: ANI