Alternative Medicine


Jin Shin Jayatish


It is believed that God created human being out of his own energy, and while he was connected closely with Him, he was fit and healthy. Slowly, as man began to get self-involved, he left the sanctuary of the spirit. The balance of energy thus got disturbed and resultant blocks caused innumerable disease. To combat this and remove the blockages, man sought methods to keep healthy, mentally, physically and spiritually. As the days passed by, even this knowledge was obscured, till it was rediscovered and revived by great sages. One method of healing – Jin Shin Jyutsu – was revived by sage Jiromurai of Japan, who introduced it to 20th century culture. He referred to this art in many ways including the art of happiness, the art of longevity, the art of benevolence and finally Jin Shin Jyutsu, literally translated ” the Creator’s art through compassionate man/woman.”Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient holistic healing art, which is gentle and non-invasive. While it is difficult to say exactly where it began, there are evidences of it in many ancient cultures. Ancient Egypt, India, China and Japan all have historical evidence that indicates that, what we now call Jin Shin Jyutsu, was known in those cultures as well.


This art was handed down by word of mouth for centuries. As with any oral tradition, the true essence and accuracy of the art eventually became altered, watered-down and called by different names. This resulted in the emergence of many modified versions. There exists however, one text where the art was written down in its entirety, though cryptically. That was in a Japanese text written as a creation story called Kojiki.


This healing technique is an art that can be learnt easily by anybody, as it is simple and easy to practice. It does not involve any pressure or massage. Gentle holding of specific points in specific patterns assists the release of energy blockages in the meridians, simultaneously healing it.


Jiromurai studied the Kojiki text and discovered that the story was the symbolic awareness of Jin Shin Jyutsu. The gods and goddesses their characteristics actually represent the different energy flows and safety energy locks within each of us. Jiromurai describes energy as moving in definite pathways. They move all around our body in the ascending and descending order in front and back of the body and upper and lower side and right and left side of the body. These pathways of energies are known as flows. Jin Shin Jyutsu identifies 26 “safety energy locks” (SEL’s) where energy concentrates along the pathways. These sites act as circuit breakers, shutting down and restricting the flow of energy, to protect the body when injury or the abuse of everyday physical, mental and emotional stress occurs. Fear, according to Jiromurai, is the cause of all disease. Apart from this worry, sadness, anger and pretence are also responsible for causing disease and are called attitudes. If these attitudes are corrected, healing takes place and our whole body gets harmonized physically, mentally and spiritually.


Not diagnosis, but harmonizing is the purpose. The practitioner first “listens” to the pulse by holding both wrists. This indicates which areas of the body are weak and need balancing. Touch—gentle, steady and never forceful, is applied to spots corresponding to specific areas in the body, supporting the natural flow of the body’s energy.


Breath is very important in Jin Shin Jyutsu. Exhaling removes all stagnant and blocked up energy and inhaling after that makes us receive purified energy and this becomes one cycle. This cycle is repeated for 36 times as and when required to keep ourselves energetic and full of vitality.


Jin Shin works with 26 energy release points. Each point has a number, and each number has a number flow. These number flows are the many different ways the body verbalizes and expresses itself. For example, flow #3 has to do with one’s understanding and ability to express feelings, to communicate. The energy then circulates to whatever depth the person needs. Jin Shin is, therefore, a modality that has the ability to heal deeply, at the root cause; often going back and handling emotional scars one was unaware of that have been causing physical symptoms. This is why Jin Shin treatments are so effective. Depths are varying levels of density of life energy, although there are totally 9 depths, 6 of them are used in healing. These depths can be manipulated by holding of various fingers. This holding of fingers balances and harmonizes the energies of our body thus correcting our body.

Holding the thumb of the other hand forms the first depth. This depth increases the metabolic rate, removing flatulence, indigestion and ulcer. It works on stomach and spleen in particular. If this depth is disharmonised the person will be worrisome and will indulge in lot of sweets. His skin will be dull.
The second depth is formed by holding the ring finger of one hand with the other hand. This works on lung, large intestine and deep skin. If it is done regularly and for 45 minutes a day, asthma constipation, pneumonia, can be treated successfully and energy levels will be enhanced.The third depth is formed by holding the middle finger of one hand with the other hand. This depth harmonizes internally all the five elements, including the emotions. Those suffering from ailments of the liver, gallbladder, thyroid, jaundice and pancreas will benefit from this. This depth increases the circulation and thus is also beneficial to diabetes patients. This depth has to be continuously practiced for 45 days for 45 minutes each day.


The fourth depthbalances the water element in our body and is formed by holding the index finger of one hand with other hand. This depth works on the kidneys, bladder, muscular system and, can also relieve toothache and muscle spasms. The pain in the joints due to the depletion of the fluid content can be corrected using the fourth depth. In chronic cases this depth has to be done at least 45 minutes each day for 45 days. The fifth depth is formed by holding the little finger of one hand with the other hand. This depth works on our skeletal system, cardiovascular system and small intestine. Once this depth is balanced our heart is opened up to receive intuition and one becomes compassionate. Practicing this depth, for 45 minutes each day, for 45 days can rectify a damaged heart wall, enlargement of heart, blockage of artery, and uneven heart beat. Following points are to be remembered while doing the fifth depth. Pretence is to be avoided. Do not judge anybody or put yourself in a position where you will be judged. Compassion and understanding for people and situations is called for. Anything else will actually lead to disharmony.


The sixth depth is formed by keeping the thumb of one hand on palm of the other hand and other thumb on the base of the thumb and index finger. This depth works on diaphragm and umbilicus. This harmonizes our total body, mind and spirit and we get totally vitalized as this is the depth connects us to the universe of which we are a part.


This depth works well to de-stress in an age where stress is the cause of most ailments. It has a miraculous effect when held just for 15 minutes, as and when required. Strange are the ways of Nature, which works silently and mysteriously. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and questions in the mind will answer themselves when benefits are visibly noted.Jin shin jutsu is a touch healing, which if practiced systematically can normalize the entire body.