Alyssa Milano opens up about anxiety attacks

Los Angeles, May 20 : Actress Alyssa Milano says she suffered from postpartum depression that led to her checking into a psychiatric ward.

The actress penned an article for Time magazine discussing the suffering she endured following the birth of her son, reports

"My generalized anxiety disorder was most likely triggered by my postpartum depression and my journey with mental illnesses began with my journey into motherhood," she wrote.

Milano, 45, said that after suffering a miscarriage in 2011, she became pregnant with son Milo.

She said: "My miscarriage was heartbreaking, but this pregnancy was beautiful..Following this idyllic image of motherhood, I wrote a strict birth plan: no induction of labour, no pain medication and no c-sections."

She was forced to deliver via C-section due to complications.

"That first night, after we returned from the hospital, I suffered my first anxiety attack," she recalled.

"I felt like I failed as a mother, since I was not able to give birth vaginally or nourish him with the breast milk that had not come in yet."

Although she recovered, she suffered another attack when Milo was struck down with a fever while she was preparing for a new show, reports

She said: "As we began filming, my anxiety worsened...Every day, I would drive to work and think about all the ways that Milo could die in the hands of his caretakers."

The actress says she then sought professional help.

"One early morning, I went to the emergency room at 2:00 AM, asked for a psychiatrist and got help.

I felt as though I had no choice: I asked to be committed; I stayed in a public psychiatric ward for three days.

"At last, I began to feel as if my pain was recognised, but it wasn't easy."



Source: IANS