Amarinder hopeful after Congress announces Sheila’s name as UP CM candidate

New Delhi, July 29 : After the Congress Party announced Sheila Dikshit's name as the chief ministerial candidate for Uttar Pradesh, Punjab Congress chief Amarinder Singh on Friday expressed hope that his party would do the same in Punjab before the assembly polls.

"I think like Sheilaji's name was announced for the U.P. polls. I'm sure that in due course they will do it for Punjab also, because now I think people want to know who they will vote for.

And, I think it is important too because regional parties have leaders. Everyone knows who's going to head Trinamool's government and whose is going to head the BJP government in UP; so, if you have to match that, then you have to make an announcement," he said.

"Since regional parties are announcing their leaders, expect Aam Aadmi Party, which will also probably come out in a few days.

We all want to know. But, I think the Congress Party made a change last time in 2012, when they announced my name and that too three-four days prior to the elections," he added.

When asked about AAP MLA Naresh Yadav's Quran desecration case, the Punjab Congress Chief said, "They say in advance that the person is guilty and arrest him.

That's not the way. So many months have gone and nobody has clue about it. The commission has also given its report, but they (government) couldn't find who had done it. They are just arresting people like this, which is not a solution." Asked if he thought that AAP was being victimised in Punjab, he said, "No, I don't know.

It's happening everywhere now. They have 9-10 MLAs in jail for cases like molestation and corruption. And, I don't know whether there is any truth, it is for the courts to find. But, I find it a bit strange that they are arresting people just like this." "There is a law in this land and there is the Constitution, you cannot just keep locking people like that.

So, I cannot say whether Yadav is involved in this Malerkotla incident or not. But frankly, I find it, till something is actually defined, that he is a guilty and something has been found in his possession.".

Source: ANI