Amazon, Rocking Deals collaborate to sell refurbished phones

New Delhi [India], Apr 29 : E-commerce platform Amazon on Friday announced its partnership with Rocking Deals for the sale of refurbished phones within its 'seller warranty.' Rocking Deals came on board for selling its used products on 'Amazon Used' a few months back.

The company soon managed to become one of the most trusted sellers on board. To this regard, Amazon decided to make Rocking Deals the exclusive seller of refurbished phones on the portal with its seller warranty.

There is a lot of responsibility for a brand like Amazon to maintain the trust of their customers on refurbished products like on the brand new ones.

The choice of the third company selling used product, therefore, had to be done very wisely. "We are very particular about the product quality. All the products undergo a comprehensive quality-check process. We believe in maintaining relationship with our customers so that they never have to think about any other option while buying an unboxed phone next time," said Yuvraj Aman Singh, Founder and CEO, Rocking Deals.

"Rocking Deals is the only company in India that has got the rights to sell its refurbished phones with its seller warranty on the platform like Amazon.

I am sure that this association will be fruitful for both the companies," he added..

Source: ANI