Angelina Jolie reveals she turned to her kids for `Maleficent`s villainous voice

Washington D.C. [USA], Sep 11 : Angelian Jolie, who is putting the horns back on for an upcoming sequel to the megahit Disney villain origin story 'Maleficent', recently revealed she was initially intimidated by the thought of playing Sleeping Beauty's nemesis.

"When I knew I was going to Maleficent I thought, 'I have to train, I'm not good enough. I'm not ready,' " she said during Toronto International Film Festival. "The accent and everything about her was discovered when I was giving my kids baths," she said. "I think I tried 17 different things on them. They would say, 'What are you doing? Mom, stop talking so weird.' One day I just got really nutty and did [the voice] and they fell over laughing.

I did it all night long and I finally found it." Her return to the Disney villainess would mark her first onscreen appearance since her 2015 role in 'By the Sea'.

The Academy Award winner and her kids were at The Toronto Film Festival for the debut of 'The Breadwinner', an animated film about an Afghani girl's struggle which was produced by the starlet.

Source: ANI