Anjali Tatrari: My mother doesn’t miss even one episode of my shows

Mumbai, March 6 : Actor Anjali Tatrari, who is currently seen on the show Sargam Ki Sadhe Satii, says that her mother is the biggest fan of her show and also her biggest critic.

"My mother is my biggest critic.

She makes sure to never miss any of my episodes. And after each one of them, she tells me about what she has loved and where she thinks I could have been better.

I love discussing my performances with her. It's fun because her feedback is so genuine," says Anjali.

She adds that her current show is also all about family and also talks about how family members don't have to always be bound by blood.

"While shooting one of the episodes of Sargam Ki Sadhe Satii, I was reminded of the fact that family is not only by blood, but people with whom you laugh and cry also become your family," she says.

Off the screen, she finds such support from her family, she says.

"My family is always there with me during my ups and downs and loves me no matter what. I am always grateful to have a family that is so supportive and encouraging. I believe when it comes to the care and health of the family, it is above everything else. I am ready to go to every length possible to ensure everyone in my family is safe and healthy," she says.



Source: IANS