Anupria Goenka: ‘Criminal Justice’ 2 speaks to women

Mumbai, Dec 26 : Actress Anupria Goenka has an important role in the new web series Criminal Justice Behind Closed Doors, and she says the show speaks to women.

Behind Closed Doors is the second season of the Criminal Justice series, and Anupria returns as the criminal defence lawyer Nikhat Hussain.

She says the second chapter of the series is a women-oriented story.

"I think this season speaks to women.

In any given case, my sense of empathy kicks in when a woman is concerned. I think what she's going through and why she did a certain thing," she said.

Anupria is referring to the protagonist Anu Chandra, played by Kirti Kulhari, who stabs her husband, popular and super-successful lawyer Vikram Chandra (Jishhu Sengupta), who seems like a perfect husband and father to begin with.

She reveals the preparatory process of her role: "Getting insights from female advocates, working in detail with the script and discussions with directors were very instrumental in chalking out Nikhat's core.

The challenge was to maintain a fine balance between her empathetic and practical approach while portraying her frustration and even doubt towards her visibly meek client.

I needed to judiciously keep adjusting the compass scene by scene."

The series also features Pankaj Tripathi, Deepti Naval, Mita Vashisht, Shilpa Shukla and Ashish Vidyarthi in pivotal roles.



Source: IANS