Apps that brings you close to renowned celeb fitness trainers

New Delhi [India], Mar. 24 : Various mobile applications are permitting us to track our sleeping patterns, food intake and exercise or workout patterns.

This is giving us the opportunity to become fitter, healthier and push our bodies to new limits. The issue is, would we say we are pushing too far? Sound individuals are pushing their bodies as far as possible where even proficient competitors in their prime are experiencing wounds going pulled muscles to heart failure.

Most of us weekend warriors take on personal challenges with the aid of new technology but are we doing the right way? Are these applications that we take after made under the direction of an expert coach? Check out these popular apps backed by fitness freak celebrities that provide you the right workout guidance to stay fit" - LIV FIT by SonyLIV: SonyLIV recently launched LIV FIT, India's first-ever health and wellness segment on a digital platform.

Its carefully curated content will be like none other as it will feature some of the country's most renowned and celebrated fitness enthusiasts and trainers.

From Suniel Shetty and his team of trainers to Mickey Mehta, Nawaz Modi Singhania, Yasim Karachiwala, Ramona Braganza and Satya, This will lead to enhanced engagement with viewers that is also likely to augment and sustain their interest in meeting their diet and exercise goals.

LIV FIT cater's to the rising requirement for high-quality advice and tips on ways to maintain optimal levels of wellness amongst Indians.

From workout videos and diet plans to motivational content on ways to follow through a weight loss/gain programme, LIV FIT offers a rich catalogue of the choicest information for its users.

The best part is that viewers can access this plethora of precise knowledge and nuggets of nutritional wisdom in the most convenient formats on any device of their choice.

- Moviefit: Mobiefit RUN is simply the easiest way to get fit, lose weight and to get started on your fitness journey.

Beginners can use it to improve their health, achieve their fitness goals and fulfil their marathon dreams.

It's the first Indian app with 5K (and) 10K running training programs and voice-based motivation in Hindi and English.

mobiefit RUN is now in Hindi, with fitness freak Celebrity who is also the co-founder Gul Panag taking runners through each session in Hindi.

- DWM: Dance With Madhuri: Imagine a global village for culture, a virtual hippie commune, where everyone comes together to celebrate life through culture.

Dance with Madhuri TM (DWM), the world's first celebrity backed, online, gamified dance academy creates a place where we are allowed to learn, stay fit, and unite with the world.

Madhuri Dixit wanted to teach the world to dance and synchronize everyone's step. DWM acts as a metaphor for life, bringing together people from around the world via dance. Dancing is an amazing way to stay fit. The app gives you a full-body cardio workout, helping you to stay slim. - ZimFit: ZimFit is launched by renowned Hollywood Celebrity trainer Steeve Zim. The best part about the app is that don't have to be a celebrity or pay a high price to have one of the hottest trainers in Hollywood.

The app you get all the workouts of the stars (and a Hollywood body) without ever having to step into a high-end gym.

They highlighted a mom who is using our app to stay in shape in the midst of a busy family life. Squeezing in an 3 hours a week with our affordable app she's able to stay in great shape and have the energy to lead her busy life.

It is considered as one of the best fitness app by a celebrity trainer..

Source: ANI