Arab American comedian sits next to Trump’s son on flight

Washington D.C. [United States), Dec. 4 : An Arab American stand-up comedian, Mo Amer, who was on his way to a leg of a comedy tour, found himself seating next to Eric Trump, son of U.S.

President-elect Donald Trump, on a flight to Scotland on Thursday. Sharing a picture that he took with Eric on Instagram, Amer wrote, "Hey guys heading to Scotland to start the U.K.

Tour and I am 'randomly' chosen to sit next to none other than Eric Trump." "Good news guys Muslims will not have to check in and get IDs.

That's what I was told. I will be asking him a lot of questions on this trip to Glasgow, Scotland. Sometimes God just sends you the material. #Merica#UKTour HumanAppeal#ThisisNotAnEndorsement#Trump2016ComedyTour," CNN quoted Amer as saying. Speaking about his experience with Eric in an interview, the comedian said that he discussed about the proposals for a form of government registry for Muslims or immigrants from majority-Muslim countries by President-elect Donald Trump.

"And I said -- just FYI I'm not getting that ID s*** done. You gonna really make my people get ID cards and all this? You know we're not doing this s***," Amer told Eric.

"Come on man. You can't believe everything you read. Do you really think we're gonna do that?" Eric said while responding to Amer's statement..

Source: ANI