Argentum Technologies launches CurrencyKart to solve all forex problems

New Delhi [India], Oct. 7 : Argentum technologies has announced the official launch of '' providing convenience to the money changers and travellers for the best deals on foreign exchange.

The online market place serving as a platform for money changers aims to provide convenient, rapid and most reasonable set of solutions and delivers quality services to the consumers.

To bring complete transparency, showcases the rates offered by dealers in real time and delivers the order to the door soon.

"Presently, travellers and money changers find it a hassling process to know what the correct rate in the market is? Hence, CurrencyKart helps consumers to get the best forex rates in real time, bringing accessibility to book forex with a click and get it delivered at their places," said Co-Founder and COO CurrencyKart, Gurpreet Narang.

"At, we aim to eliminate the stress while dealing with forex exchange and international payments.

We look forward to increase competition in the market to bring efficiency in operation, which is very much missing in the industry," he added.

"CurrencyKart brings transparency to the market where consumers can compare the rates offered by various dealers and get them exchanged following the right practices.

The company is taking an initiative to promote white market by urging the government to take small measures which might force consumers to take the currency in the white market and help our fellow citizens to have the hassle and risk free travel," Co-Founder and Chief Performance Officer CurrencyKart, Nishima Agarwal.

Moreover, the company has also introduced the mobile application for both iOS and android devices so that users can deal with currencies from anywhere using their smartphones.

Source: ANI