Armaan Malik wishes strength to those struggling to make ends meet during Covid

Mumbai, Feb 22 : Singer Armaan Malik on Monday expressed his concern for people whose livelihood has been affected due to Covid, which has been going on for almost a year now.

"Strength to all those people struggling to make ends meet during this pandemic phase.

It's not an easy time and I cannot even imagine what some of you must be going through," Armaan tweeted on Monday.

Reacting to his tweet, fans expressed how much they relate to his words and at the same time shared that his music has a healing effect on them.

"I was hoping for everything to get back normal, but it's just getting worse.

I've been at home for a year now. It's just getting too much now. Studying sitting at home is not working. It's so tiring mentally and physically," commented a fan.

"It feels like it has taken toll on our mental health.

Something is missing. I don't feel energetic anymore. You know what, since the pandemic happened, I feel like I am losing myself. I don't feel like working even being aware of the fact that I should and even if I want to," expressed another fan.

"Thanks to u and ur music which helped us to overcome all those problems, you are our savior," shared another fan.



Source: IANS