Art connoisseurs share platform at ‘Prerna’ Art camp

New Delhi [India], Apr 29 : Art has no boundaries and it travels miles through the art of storytelling.

It is said that a nation's statuette is measured through the development of art and culture of the country.

Closer to our home, a first of its kind art camp titled 'Prerna' was hosted by Kalyanmayee, an Airports Authority of India Women Welfare Association in association with AAI Artist Forum and Forum of Indian Photographers and Artists under the theme 'Different Seasons in India'.

Graced by Additional Secretary Kiran Soni Gupta who is an avid artist and a writer, the three-day long art camp brought altogether 25 artists from the AAI fraternity.

The event was held at the Airports Authority of India Officer's Institute in New Delhi. Kiran Soni Gupta said, "I think it is a very good initiative taken by Kalyanmayee the women welfare wing to promote creativity and to put the professionals and the amateurs together.

I have done it in the past and it has given a very good result this art camps. One thing is that there is lot of learning involved in it and experimentation involved when you see good artist at work which is almost a rare opportunity, it gives lot of motivation to news artist to try out and paint boldly".

The art camp was organized with an aim to promote amateur artists from AAI family along with professional artists which would not only give them a platform to showcase their talent but also guidance and tips from participating professional artists.

Dr.Jhavi Agarwal, Vice-President, Kalyanmayee, said, "We are organizing this camp to give platform to amateur artists and give them some space and interactions with the professional artists also.

Actually, we will keep an exhibition for the finished paintings once they are done after three months." The camp also aimed to promote the creativity of the artists and opened a wider pathway to pursue their career in art.

Professional artists from various places like Jaipur, Kishengarh, Meerut, Lucknow, Ajmer etc, were part of the unique art camp.

Source: ANI