As a cancer graduate, I value time more than before: Lisa Ray

New Delhi, June 1 : Actress Lisa Ray, who calls herself a "cancer graduate", says she values time much more than before.

"Time is a measure of precious moments of our lives.

As a cancer graduate I value time much more than before. Time is the most precious quality in the world today - we are all challenged to find more of it," Lisa told IANS over an e-mail interaction from Mumbai.

The actress, who in 2009 was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer of the white blood cells known as plasma cells which produce antibodies, added: "I prioritise my time and schedule to include high quality activities that rejuvenate my body mind and spirit."

Lisa endorses RADO and launched the new season collection 2018 for the luxury watch brand.

On the collection, Lisa said: "It's called Elements of Time and blends past and present to bring a glimpse of the future."



Source: IANS