Ashiana senior living’s Christmas surprise proves #MiraclesDoHappen

New Delhi [India], Dec 26 (ANI-NewsVoir): With Christmas being around the corner, Ashiana Senior Living, went a step ahead in taking care of the senior residents.

The Delhi based company and the pioneers of active senior living in India, organized a special surprise for over 20 seniors at Tree house Hotel, Bhiwadi to fulfill their wishes.

In the daily lives, people tend to forget what they have received. It is important to recall and spend time with those who need it the most, the parents. Parents have given so much and to be able to give it back to then is not only a reminder of the love and respect but is a true honour and privilege.

In its latest campaign ##MiraclesDoHappen, the kids of Ashiana Senior Living residents thought of giving back the love to their parents by making the day special for them.

In this rollercoaster of emotions, a hall was decorated with Christmas ornaments and embellishments running all across the roof of the room.

Tables were set and the seniors were brought into the room. A day that seemed like a regular Christmas celebration turned out to be a heart-warming surprise for them.

The dozen family members gathered, dressed up as Santa and filled the room to astonish their parents. Although it was a thoughtful setup, the real gift was being able to spend time with your loved ones, listening to stories and giving them the warm gift of what they desired.

Christmas is not just a holiday about gifts, cakes and the decorated tree; it's the gift of time and unconditional love that makes the day brighter.

Each person in attendance was deeply moved by this arrangement with a hope to be able to spend more and more of quality time with your family.

The entire plan saw an active participation of over 35 family members that came from various corners of the country to give the present of time, remembrance.


Source: ANI