Ashley Graham couldn’t relate to models

Los Angeles, Jan 31 : Model Ashley Graham says she struggled to relate to models during her own childhood.

Graham, 30, who admires former supermodel Cindy Crawford, did not see any stars with a similar body shape to herself during her younger years, reports

"Traditionally, curvy models have been overlooked for beauty campaigns because society equated beauty with thinness.

I used to have Cindy Crawford's Revlon campaigns taped to my wall as a teenager, and I remember thinking, 'Wow - she is gorgeous!' But also, 'Where is the model who looks like me'," Graham told entertainment portal Refinery29.

Graham also called on other women to make sure that fashion brands know what and who they wish to see in their advertising campaigns.

"I hope this changes the status quo, and encourages more brands to equally represent everyone.

Remember that perfection does not exist. Use your voice to tell these brands what you want to see. The more vocal we are, the more change there will be," she said.



Source: IANS