Asthma patients, others gasp for oxygen in NCR gas chamber

New Delhi, Nov 4 : On Sunday night when pollution in the National Capital Region reached a year-high, 14-year-old Pranav, an asthma patient, faced some life threatening moments as he gasped for breath and had to use an inhaler urgently.

Pranav was lucky that his parents have air filters in their house, giving him a little respite from the hazardous atmosphere outside, but many others who are not as lucky are struggling to breathe as pollutants float in the skies of Delhi and its neighbouring areas.

Akshita, who is a resident of Mundka in West Delhi, has to travel every day to reach her college in Nehru Nagar area of south Delhi.

However, on Monday morning when she was climbing the stairs of Rajdhani Park metro station near her house, she felt uneasy and by the time she could return to her house, headache had taken over, leading to vomiting.

When taken to doctor, she was advised to take good amount of jaggery daily and be indoors even if she has to skip her classes for at least 3-4 days.

Speaking to IANS, Chairman of the Scientific Committee of Delhi Medical Association, Dr D.R.

Rai said the last few days have witnessed a steep hike in number of patients with ailments such as throat infection, eye irritation, headache and exhaustion.

According to Rai, the NCR has been dealing with a health hazard and people need to stay indoors as much as they can.

"This is a health hazard and people must stay indoors and also even if they are using anti-pollution masks, they must use proper precaution in using them.

Masks must be put up properly and must be of good quality," Rai said.

He said morning and late night walks must be avoided these days as pollution in the air is at peak during these hours and walking at that time might affect the people, especially those in vulnerable groups (children and elderly citizens).



Source: IANS