Axis Mutual Fund’s Sudhanshu Asthana joins Tamohara Investment Managers as CEO and CIO

Mumbai, Aug.23 (ANI-Newsvoir):Tamohara Investment Managers, a boutique investment management firm which manages and advises both domestic and offshore equity investments in the Indian Capital Markets, has appointed Sudhanshu Asthana as the CEO and CIO.

Sudhanshu's appointment as the Chief Executive Officer will strengthen the firm's global position and future prospects with respect to the India business.

Tamohara Investment Managers is focused on long term absolute return strategies. Certified by SEBI for PMS services; the firm along with its group companies deals in investing and advising equity investments for domestic and offshore investments into India.

"I am extremely excited about this opportunity to lead Tamohara Investment Managers as the CEO and CIO and add to the company's growth plans in the investment market.

Tamohara Investment Managers is a much sort after platform with a focused investment team providing boutique services and advice on domestic and offshore investments.

I'm looking forward to frame the organization's future roadmap and be a part of the strategic business planning group", Sudhanshu said.

Expressing his views on Sudhanshu's appointment, Deepak Singh Tanwar, Director and Co-Founder said, "We welcome Sudhanshu to the Tamohara family.

He is now a part of an organisation that is focused on driving the future of financial investments globally.

Given his experiential knowledge and expertise, we look forward to bringing in high quality businesses and successful investments.

Our goal is ultimately to establish benchmark financial investment practices in the world." Sudhanshu's past roles have been in industry-leading companies such as Axis Mutual Fund, Barclays Wealth India, SBI Fund management, Quantum Asset management etc.

where he handled both large and small sized funds. He comes with a rich experience of macro- and micro- economic analysis and with sector specializations in banking, metals, media, telecom and basic materials.

With an experience of over 17 years in fund management, Sudhanshu's prime charter at Tamohara Investment Managers, where he is also a partner, is to oversee the investment management team operations, contribute in business planning, align the team with the future roadmap and build the strengths and capabilities as per the business requirement.


Source: ANI