Ayub Khan on coping with pandemic: Some days the fear is palpable

Mumbai, May 25 : Television star Ayub Khan feels vulnerable despite being vaccinated for Covid-19. He says on some days the fear is particularly palpable.

"The increasing number of cases has left me with a feeling of vulnerability, in spite of being vaccinated.

Despite taking all precautions, people have contracted the virus," Ayub told IANS, talking about small screen actors, who have been affected the most due to the pandemic.

"The unpredictability of the virus leaves a lump in my throat and a sickening in the pit of my stomach.

While on some days I am fine, on some days the fear is palpable. I exercise to keep my mind calm and follow all precautions. Besides the usual precautions, regular prayers and the answers one finds with spirituality, keep me focused on staying calm," he said.

Would he call this the worst two years of his professional life? "I would call this the worst two years not just of my professional life but of the planet, too, as the whole world has been affected," Ayub, who stars as Guddu Mishra in "Ranju Ki Betiyaan" on Dangal TV, concluded.



Source: IANS