Baba Sehgal back with his rap-sap and ChilliChizza!

New Delhi [India], Mar. 28 : Baba Sehgal is back with his rapping skills; this time for KFC's ChilliChizza. With light-hearted lyrics and peppy music, the almost two-minute video has been released on Facebook today.

With this, he wrote, "put ur rapping skills to test by taking the chizza rap challenge. all you have to do is make a short video of urself rapping 2 - 3 lines (and) imitating my signature step from d video.

tag 5 frnds (and) invite them to take the challenge.." The story is, Baba tasted the newly launched ChilliChizzaat at KFC and just couldn't get the all-chicken, spicy, no-crust pizza out of his mind.

He did drop a hint on his Twitter over the weekend, though. Known for his unconventional and catchy raps,the rap-star created and dedicated one to KFC's ChilliChizza.

Yo! That happened and we can't seem to get enough of it. We reached out to Baba Sehgal to know what he has to say, "I have always been quirky and off-beat, and so is the KFC ChilliChizza- a pizza with no crust! I couldn't get over it's taste and came up with my latest rap- Sorry Pizza!".

Source: ANI