‘Bad Moms’ screening turned bad for a group of moms

London, Aug 4: Looks like new comedy film 'Bad Moms,' starring Mila Kunis, Christina Applegate and Kathryn Hahn as three stressed-out mothers who decide to let loose and go wild, has inspired a group of mothers in Lincoln, Nebraska.

But things did not turn as happening as expected as those women were thrown out for being what the cinema chain's employees ironically deemed to be naughty mothers, reports the Independent.

Basically the moms decided to let themselves loose by taking a trip to their local cinema to see 'Bad Moms' and reportedly one of them took her nine-month-old child along, to her girls night out.

What they did not know is that the theatre's rules stated that no child under the age of six is permitted into a cinema screen showing an R-rated film.

Acquiring tickets, the women took their seats when a security guard approached them and swiftly asked them to leave.

The baby's mother later took to her Facebook page and wrote, "I was told due to the policy I needed to leave or the cops would be called.

They were concerned with the content my child would be viewing. I informed him, my child would be sleeping within minutes, not only would he not be watching the movie but he also would not be disturbing to other patrons." "I stood up and with the 20-ish people in the theatre, (I) asked very kindly if anyone would like me to leave, I clearly would..everyone cheered and said 'let her stay'," she continued. Still, the group was escorted out and was refunded for their tickets. Lindsey Weix, a spokeswoman for the theatre, remained stoic and stated, "... One of the guests brought her infant son. We did not allow the two of them to stay for the movie given our policy on R-rated films," "Such movies are intended for mature audiences to enjoy in an adult setting.

Marcus Theatres is committed to providing an unparalleled entertainment experience, and this policy was established with that in mind," she explained.

Source: ANI