Beat the heat and protect your skin!

New Delhi [India], Mar. 10 : Summer is knocking the door! Before it arrives, let's bring on the stock for our beauty routine to welcome the the long days and even longer evenings.

Dr Alia Rizvi, dermatologist at Me Clinic, New Delhi, brings some tips to protect your skin from tanning.

- Protect your lips: More than winters, our lips dry out very often during the summer. So it is the time when you are going to need SPF enhanced Lip Balm regularly to keep your lips moisturized.

- Wide-brim hat for traveling time: If you are travelling or exploring, then a wide-brim hat is a must for you.

This is stylish and effective way to keep the sun rays off from your face and head. - Wear SPF moisturizer throughout the day time: Apply SPF enhanced moisturizer from face to toe. - Use compact powder that contains SPF: Keep SPF contained compact in your bag as it is the best way to keep you away from the hassle that mostly get at the time of reapplying SPF moisturizer on your make up.

- Drink lots of water: Body sweats more during these days. To keep up our body hydrated, one needs to drink as much liquid as possible. It's always awesome to keep juice, fresh lime water or water bottle in your bag while you are out. - Protect your beautiful hands: In summers, our hands get tanned easily without even our awareness. It's good to use hand cream which comprises of SPF and should be reapplied as needed. - Wear sunglasses when your go outdoors: This is the time of the year when your eyes strive for glares, goggles, shades, reflectors, and aviators.

So keep them always with you. So let's enjoy summers instead of cribbing about the tan!.

Source: ANI