Hair Split Ends


?Beauty Tips-Hair Split Ends

This happens when the hair is exposed to extreme temperatures, not enough oil and lack of nourishment.

Tips 1:

Trim the ends regularly.

Tips 2:

Try not to use hair dryers and hot rollers very often.

Tips 3:

Mix 1 tspn of Castor oil and 1 tspn of Honey together. Apply well to the ends of hair and wash after ½ an hour.

Tips 4:

Take 1tspn of Castor oil, 1 tspn of Mustard oil, and 1 tspn of Olive oil. Mix well and apply on full length of hair, while massaging the scalp also. Cover the head with a hot towel.

Tips 5:

Take 1 tblspn of Almond oil with 1 egg yolk and1 tspn of Honey. Apply well on scalp and hair. Wash after ½ an hour.