BEL to make helmet-mounted display system

Bengaluru, March 5 : State-run Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) on Tuesday said it will make helmet-mounted display system for military pilots with Israeli firm Elbit System Ltd.

"We have signed an agreement with Elbit to make helmet-mounted display system and helmet-pointing system under licence for Indian Naval and rotary wing platforms of the armed forces," said the city-based defence firm in a statement here.

BEL Marketing Director Anandi Ramalingam and Elbit Vice President for business development Avi Mizrachi signed the agreement in the presence of BEL Chairman M.V.

Gowtama and Elbit Chief Executive B. Machilis.

"Under the agreement, BEL will make and integrate the system with night-flying vision goggles, colour day (and) night display, 3D symbology, head-tracking, sensors and weapon cuing," said the company statement.

The system displays helicopter's flight and platform information, mission data, target information and enhanced application capabilities such as low visibility landing and take-off, flight within degraded visibility environment, optional weapons management and synthetic vision during day and night flying.

The 'heads up, eyes out' concept minimises the need for 'heads down' in-cockpit instrumentation observation for critical information as altitude, velocity, engine performance, warning indications and allows the crew to concentrate on mission performance, thus increasing situational awareness and survivability in all missions, it said.



Source: IANS