Ben Affleck earnestly pleads with New Hampshire residents to vote

Washington D.C. [USA], Oct. 27 : Ben Affleck, who is also known in Boston as 'Benny the sweet one O'Callahan' was recently seen pleading with the people of key state New Hampshire to go out and vote on November 8.

In a video, the 44-year-old actor describes how beautiful the state is and how many activities you can do there before he explains why it's important for the residents of the state to hit the polls, reports E! Online.

The 'Justice League' star is heard saying, "If you give a s**t about women's rights, if you care about keeping environment safe for future generations, ever hear of it? You care about people getting to piss in the f**king bathroom of their choice? Then guess who's got your back in this election? That's right! My basically home state New Hampshire." The United States presidential election of 2016 is scheduled for November 8 and in the follow up to the deciding day, Affleck reminds the people of New Hampshire, which is viewed as a key state in the election, that its four electoral college votes are up for grabs.

"Seeing how this election is a bigger disaster than the New York Knicks," he paused to laugh, then continued, "The people from New Hampshire are going to have to register to vote.

Otherwise this whole damn nation is going to be cursed." "Register to vote, New Hampshire, all of New England is counting on nyou.

So go to this website that's situated somewhere around my balls right now and find your polling place," he concluded.

Source: ANI