Bengaluru: Three Pakistanis with fake documents detained

Bengaluru (Karnataka), May 25 : The Crime Branch of the Bengaluru Police booked three Pakistanis with fake documents along with an Indian from Kumaraswamy Layout on Thursday.

According to reports, the Indian national, named Basheer, is said to be a resident of Kerala, who fell in love with a girl of Pakistani origin Kiran when he was working in Dubai.

When Basheer proposed Kiran for marriage, the relatives refused the proposal saying that she cannot marry an Indian.

So, Basheer created fake passports for Kiran and her parents Mohamed Shahib and Khasib Shamsuddeen to enter India through Nepal.

They were living in a flat in Kumarswamy Layout and, on a cue, the police raided their house and arrested them.

Source: ANI