‘Best food for a quarantined person is familiar food’

Chennai, May 9 : The best food for a traveller is the food with which he/she is comfortable with and normally takes at home, said a top official of Hotel Royal Regency.

And that is what is being served to the group of Indians hailing from this part of the country and now flown here from Dubai and staying at Hotel Royal Regency which has been converted into a quarantine centre.

At about 3 a.m.

on Saturday morning, 102 Indians stranded in Dubai and flown in by Air India Express checked into Hotel Royal Regency here.

"For a traveller, the safe food is what he/she takes at home.

That is what will be served for the 102 Indians from Dubai who have been quarantined here. However, the menu will be changed daily," Sanay K.P., Vice Chairman of the hotel, told IANS.

"We served the guests vegetarian breakfast and lunch.

The breakfast for today (Saturday) was dosa, chutney and others. The lunch was vegetable pulao, curd rice, raita and other items. For dinner we will be serving chappatis, side dish," Arnab Dey, Marketing Director, told IANS.

According to him, coffee/tea and cookies were served twice to the guests and in case of children milk will also be served.

"We will be changing the menu daily.

Tomorrow we will be serving idli for breakfast. While the above are part of the tariff, guests can order other things for which they will have to pay separately," Dey added.

The Greater Chennai Corporation had a offered choice of quarantine facilities for the passengers.

The hotel tariff per day inclusive of food will be about Rs 2,000.

"We pack the food in a box and deliver to the guests outside their rooms," Dey said.

The corporation officers have told the hotel officials that the guests are to be quarantined and not to be allowed into other places in the premises like restaurants.

According to Dey, the laundry service will be on demand and it will start from Sunday.

"Quarantined for 14 days, the guests have satellite television for entertainment and 24-hour WiFi connection," Sanay added.

On cleaning services, Dey said the rooms will be cleaned and sanitised daily and bed linen will be as per the guests request.

Some passengers have been quarantined in a five star property while the bulk of the passengers have been housed at the government quarantine centre.



Source: IANS